Not surprisingly, Daytona Beach neighborhoods offer a diverse choice of home styles. For Daytona Beach, the location doesn't define the neighborhood – it's the beach lifestyle. What they all share are commerce aligned with the community and hubs of activity from parks, recreational sports, open farmers' markets, and favorite gathering spots.

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Best Places to Call Home

No matter which city you choose, there's a strong sense of community in all of them. Although some of the prices of the homes are higher than other Florida locations, Dayton's Volusia County is home to family beach towns, fishing villages, and natural havens. As for schools, Florida ranks among the top three nationally for having more schools achieve the highest high school graduates.

Ponce Inlet

Nature at its best offering residents, quiet and privacy in a small-town community. Families value this piece of paradise with fewer crowds and a slower pace of life. Spend a day relaxing on the beach, fishing from a favorite spot, or enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend.


Unincorporated, this small neighborhood offers a distinctive lifestyle and quiet beaches framed with tropical foliage. Residents spend a day strolling the beach or merely enjoying the Atlantic Ocean breeze from home. Located within a short distance from residences are riverfront dining, local entertainment, and shops. 

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Ortona North

Here's a neighborhood where families know each other, kids ride bikes, and moms push baby strollers. Community amenities include coastal waters, bicycling, walking and easy transport access for weekend getaways.


Heading inland from Daytona is a growing bedroom community known as Deltona. The neighborhoods are planned communities hidden by natural landscapes of lakes and woods. Attracting residents is the search of quietness away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


There's an ambiance that's part of Urban living surrounded by contemporary buildings. Watch the sunset from one of the local hang-outs as the neighborhood lights up, showing off its unique skyline. Living in Halifax is appealing to anyone looking for easy access to the beach.

Just south of Daytona Beach, families have been calling this community home for the long-term. It's no surprise to see kids younger than eighteen playing in the yards. Long-time residents and city ratings confirm it's an excellent place to lay down roots.

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