Navigating the dynamics of real estate requires an aptitude for sales and personable charm. Though most agents give the illusion that they possess these qualities, they’re often masquerading as industry experts. What’s more, real estate agents are woven so deeply into the fabric of their self-promotion tactics that potential clients find it difficult to discern fact from fiction. 

Stephen Brobeck, an executive at the Consumer Federation of America, said it best when he stated that “we don’t have the information about real estate professionals that we do about other services.” With that said, here are some savvy tips that’ll help you determine the top real estate agents in Deltona

Gauge Their Experience 

Whether you’re a longtime Deltona resident or new to the area, you’ll want an agent who has keen insight into the location. Working with a real estate agent who demonstrates knowledge of the city will help align interests. One surefire way to confirm their experience is to ask. 

Some experts maintain that real estate agents with less than five years of experience aren’t seasoned enough to competently negotiate real estate affairs. In the same breath, sometimes novice agents are the ones working harder to prove their merit. 

Credentials Are Key 

Any real estate agent worth their salt grasps the importance of continuing their education. It’s for this reason why real estate professionals are given ample opportunity to hone and diversify their skills. Earning credentials is among the most common way for agents to demonstrate dedication to their craft. 

CRS, GRI, CCIM, and ABR are some credentials you’ll want to look out for. In order to receive these designations, agents must attend courses that require time, effort, and money. With that said, you can be sure that credentialed real estate professionals are eager to learn and sharpen their understandings. 

Look Into Other Listings 

Looking into an agent’s current listings allows you to gauge the types of homes they’re accustomed to selling. Fortunately, acquiring such information is a cinch. On the Internet, you can look up an agent and find their MLS profile. MLS, multiple listing service, offers a portfolio of properties that an agent is currently selling. 

Prominent red flags will be homes, prices, and areas that don’t mirror your preferences. Moreover, if the agent’s listings are lacking, it’s likely due to inexperience. While this may seem like a shady tactic, it’s a foolproof approach to finding a competent real estate professional in the Deltona area. 

License, License, License! 

Much like location, licensing plays an essential role in real estate. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation, DBPR, houses licensing information on all Florida real estate agents. Above all else, this outlet will let you know whether an agent has a complaint or disciplinary action against them. 

No doubt valuable knowledge, determining whether or not a real estate agent is in good standing with past clients is paramount. If you’d like in-depth information on the matter, you can always reach out to DBPR. However, there are plenty of agents who don’t have sullied reputations, so it’s best to pursue these options.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash