While I didn't expect it either, it seems that Florida has decided to actually participate in "real" winter this year. I know right; the audacity!  If you are not quite feeling this whole "winter chill" thing we have going on here, you are not alone. Many native Floridians and external transplants are not used to these cold blustery winds anymore. I for one did not expect to need an ice scraper again! While most of us are no longer fans of winter, it doesn't have to be all that miserable. There are a few good things that can come from a cold winter's night, like some nice, warm, tasty, comforting, chili! Riverfront Shops of Daytona Beach has heard your cry and wants to warm you up with the  Daytona Beach Chili Tour

Get Your Passports To Sample The Best Chili In Daytona Beach 

This Saturday, set your calendar, grab your friends and family, and head for the Daytona Beach Chili Tour. For just $15 per passport, you can mosey down Beach Street and taste some of the finest Chili to ever land on your lips. Make your way to each station set between Bay Street and Orange Ave and take your pick at trying 3 blocks worth of vendors competing for bragging rights to boast the best chili in Daytona Beach. Your passport will include a ballot, so make sure you vote for your local fave. You will have between 1pm-6pm on Saturday, January 13th, giving you 5 hours to taste and vote on which toasty chili is the best. Plenty of time to try them all.


Stop hiding indoors this winter! Bundle up and brave a little Florida cold spell at the Daytona Beach Chili Tour. It will be worth it! Don't forget to check the weather in advance. You know how bipolar our winters can get!