Let's drink some bloody marys in Daytona Beach at some of the coolest Daytona restaurants and bars. If you're like me, then you've resolved to spend a little more time brunching this year so here are some awesome places to get started! 

Grind Gastropub and Kona Tiki Bar

This restaurant in Ormond Beach definitely does not skimp on the toppings. The brunch menu features a bloody mary bar for $8. You pick your Vodka, mix and then explore the endless possibilities of fixings. 

Plaza Resort & Spa

The Poolside Bar & Grill serves up a delicious bloody mary, but perhaps the best part of this bloody mary is the view. The pool sits just feet from the beach. Enjoy both with your mary in hand! 

LuLu's Oceanside Grill

This Ormond Beach restaurant serves up the LuLu Mary, served straight up with a Cajun and sea salt rim, accompanied by a skewer of pepper-jack cheese, sliced pepperoni, and a grilled shrimp. Yum.

The Lucky Rooster Pub & Eatery

If you're an early riser, this is the place for you! It opens at 7:30 a.m. every day. Who needs coffee? Have a bloody mary instead! 

Froggy's Saloon

This Daytona Beach establishment is known as a biker bar, but who says bikers don't like bloody marys? Word on the street is the bloody mary here is delish and its piled high with salty green olives. 

Caribbean Jack's

Check out the Shark Attack Blood Mary, made with Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix and served with a skewer of shrimp, pepperoni, pepper jack cheese and a stuffed olive. 

Sunsetters Riverfront Bar & Grill

These bloody marys are known to be spicy! Plus, they're served piled high with all the fixings. Yes, please!

The spicy and acidic and salty flavors of these bloody marys will hit the spot so make a plan to order one at these Daytona Beach restaurants.