Hot summer days and ice cream go together like peanut butter and jelly. Many childhood memories revolve around sticky hands from a quickly melting ice cream cone.  The culture of unique ice cream flavors has grown over the years providing endless options beyond the basic chocolate or vanilla.  Reminisce and rewind to a simpler time as you enjoy a frozen treat.  Check out our list of frozen yogurt, gelato, soft serve, and good old-fashioned ice cream in Daytona.  

Cow Lick's Homemade Ice Cream & Treats

Cow Lick's has over 30 flavors of in-store homemade ice cream. From shakes to sundaes, come on in for the best lick in town! 

Rhokkoh's Frozen Yogurt

Rhokkoh's is the first self-serve yogurt shop of its kind to open in the heart of Daytona Beach. They invite you to come explore Daytona's beautiful historic district and stop in to check out their eco-friendly shop. Let Rhokkoh's satisfy your sweet tooth with some of the best Ice Cream in Daytona.

Neighbors Ice Cream Parlor

Made in-store the Neighbors General Store & Ice Cream Parlor is family owned and operated proudly making delicious ice cream flavors with love for the locals.

The Whole Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe

Located off of Reed Canal Road in South Daytona the cute little Ice cream shop in Daytona serves an array of delicious flavors and ice cream treats. 

Big Scoop Ice Cream

Big Scoops is the Premier Ice cream shop in Daytona /Ormond Beach area. They serve 38 flavors and gladly serve a host of other great foods as well. 

Zeno's Boardwalk Sweet Shop

For years, people from around the world have come to visit Zeno's Boardwalk Sweet Shop to indulge in the World's Most Famous Taffy. Located on the historic boardwalk of the "Worlds Most Famous Beach" Zeno's is also known for dishing out delicious ice cream in Daytona. 

Sweet Frog | Port Orange

Sweet Frog is a premium, self-serve frozen yogurt shop in Port Orange! Combine their creamy flavors with a huge selection of fresh toppings to make your own tasty creation!

Ritter's Frozen Custard | Port Orange

One bite and you¹ll agree Ritter’s frozen custard is simply the creamiest, best-tasting ice cream ever to cross your palate. 

Frosty King Creamery

Frosty King Creamery has a host of unique homemade ice cream made ON SITE!! They also make Ice Cream Cakes! Custom order yours today! 

Indulging in frozen goodness this summer? If you find ice cream in Daytona worth screaming about, tell us in the comments below.  For a full list of frozen treats, eats, and desserts in Daytona subscribe to 386area. 

Feature Image Provided By Cow Lick's Ice Cream And Treats