Daytona Beach is a lively Florida community in Volusia County, and there are more than 68,000 individuals who reside in this sun-kissed city. It's also a little less than an hour away from bustling Orlando by car.
If you're thinking about moving to Daytona Beach, check out all of the advantages of life here. It's an Atlantic coastal favorite among many nowadays, and you may very well find yourself among that number, too.
People Call the Daytona Beach "The World's Most Famous Beach"
People lovingly refer to Daytona Beach as being "The World's Most Famous Beach." That alone says it all. If you're a fan of soft sands, blue skies, warm temperatures, sparkling waters, and tranquility in general, then no other city can even come close to Daytona Beach and its natural marvels.
Daytona Beach a Wonderful Place to Rear a Family
If you're a family-oriented individual who wants to rear youngsters, then Daytona Beach may just be the place for you. It has a family-friendly vibe that's unsurpassed. 
Daytona Beach also has an abundance of highly-regarded educational institutions for kids and adults of all age groups. Schools in the community include Mainland High, Palm Terrace Elementary, Daytona State College and, last but certainly not least, David C. Hinson Middle School.
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There Are Plenty of Things to Enjoy in Daytona
With a plenitude of things to enjoy there, Daytona Beach isn't just a haven for slow beach days, swimming, and sunbathing. Some notable draws in the city include the Museum of Arts & Sciences, the famed Daytona International Speedway, Tomoka State Park, the Daytona Beach Main Street Pier, and the Daytona Lagoon. Even if you're not an arts afficionado or racing devotee, Daytona Beach won't bore you for a second.
The People in Daytona Beach Are Warm, Open, and Pleasant
Daytona Beach has an abundance of residents who are terrific and welcoming. If you want to live alongside neighbors who are respectful and courteous, then you should have zero problems anywhere in Daytona Beach.
It's in no way a place that gives anyone the cold shoulder. It doesn't matter if you're a resident or a tourist, Daytona Beach won't give you a frosty reception.
Daytona Beach Is Brimming With Contemporary Conveniences
Leading modern and hassle-free lifestyles is never hard for folks who are in Daytona Beach. It has a number of grocery stores, community parks, post offices, dining establishments, hardware stores, and more. If you need to shop for organic ingredients for dinner, you can easily do so in Daytona Beach. If you need to ship a parcel, you can easily do so as well.
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